Mademoiselle Roxette

Carol Women's Shoe 100% Handmade in Red Leather

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Carol is more than fashionable, she is fresh, intense ... she manages to be the four seasons on the same agenda. It can be elegant and sexy, without losing its luster or stop being modern. 
And how can we not be inspired by our Luxury Doll, launching a classic with modern features, and a vintage shine in the top detail? Accompanies a ankle bracelet that facilitates adjustment and support. As with all products, the comfort insole is lined in leather.
Leather sole with handmade painting, Roxette trademark, around the shoe outline and signature with burnt finish with personalized saddle stitch detail.

100% Red Leather Leather lining Leather sole
Heel height 9 cm (as shown) Nickel bath buckle

This piece is produced and shipped by RoxetteStore - Brazil